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Our Industrial Line Sheet at a Glance.


We also work with local Millwrights, Riggers, Ducting Installers and Engineering Groups to offer compete project assistance.

Gull Sales

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Advanced Detection Systems

Metal Detection Systems and Services

Arbo Engineering

Vibratory Feeders for difficult materials, ArboMeter volumetric measuring and Electro Static Dispensing

Camcorp, Inc.

Dust Collection Equipment and Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Dorner Manufacturing Corporation

Low profile conveyors stainless steel wash down for food & pharmaceutical

G2 Material Handling

Stainless Steel Bulk Bins, Load and Discharge Station, Bin Blenders

Haf Equipment, Inc.

Sanitary dry solids pneumatic conveying equipment and systems, powder dump stations, bulk bag unloading and conveying components.

Kine - Spin / Barrett

Batch Chip Wringing and Oil Extraction, Chip Washing, Sludge Extraction, Fluid Cleaning and Part Washing & Drying.


Merrick Industries, Inc.

Dynamic Weighing Systems, Weigh Belt Feeders, Loss In Weight Feeders, Belt Scales and Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems.


Prab Conveyors and Filtration

Scrap and part handling, fluid filtration and recycling equipment and systems: Stamping, Die cast, and Machining industries. Oil reclamation from metal turnings. Heavy-duty solid waste conveying equipment. Coolant recycling systems, Tramp Oil Removal, Ultrafiltration Systems, Vacuum Filters and Sump Cleaner.

Strongarm Industries

Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric industrial manipulators. A balanced unit to handle your product in a weightless condition. Tooling engineered for specific applications.

Titan Conveyors

Belt, slider bed, roller bed, gravity and belt or CDLR conveyors.


Triple S Dynamics

Slipstick® Horizontal motion conveyours, Tex-Flex Vibratry Conveyors, Texas Shaker® Precision and Longhorn Fine Mesh Screeners, Sutton: Granulators, Density Separators and Stoners

Anex Manufacturing

Industrial Bucket Lift Conveyors and Feeders

Atlantic Coast Crusher

Size Reduction Machinery: delumpers, grinders mills, sizing equipment

Cecor Cart

Heavy Duty Industrial Carts for Scrap, Chips, Waste Handling, Dumping Frames and Sumpcleaners


Dynamic Conveyor

DynaClean HDPE Frame Conveyors for Corrosive, Cleaner requirements


Hapman Conveyors, Inc.

Bulk handling including: Flexible "Helix", Tubular Drag, Mini-Vac Pneumatic Convyors, Feeders, Lump Breakers, Bulk Bag Loading/Unloading and Bag Dump Dust Collection Stations.

Keenline Conveyor Systems

Conveyors and systems, including: Extruded aluminum, Tabletop chain, Belt, Accumulators, Elevators/Loweraters, Combiners, Indexers, Pushers, Twisters, System controls.

Material Transfer & Storage, Inc.

Bulk bag Filling and Unloading, Drum and Tote Dumpers, Tilters, Inverters and lifts: capacities up to 10,000 lbs and heights over 25 feet. Custom engineered as required.

Midwestern Industries

Screening equipment and parts

Puritan Magnetics

Magnetic separation grates, drawers, plate, hump, conveyor, drum and liquid traps. Metal detection and separation equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants.


Syntron Material Handling

Vibratory Feeder and Conveyors, Vibratory Drives, Feeder Machines of Integral Components, Screening Feeders, Bin Vibrators: Electromagnetic, Electric Rotrary, Pneumatic

TNT Handling USA

Vacuum lifters, for handling: bags, cartons, drums and a wide variety of other products from 10 to 10,000 pounds. Bulk products for a 50 lb. bag opening automation.


Unitrak, Inc.

"TIPTRAK" non-metallic interlocking bucket conveyors: Provide long wearing, corrosion resistant and maintenance free operation. PowderFlight aeromechanical conveyors


Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors & Systems
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